Why this blog?

I have spent most of my life listening to people who have told me what not to do. Don’t  focus on being a horse trainer, there’s no money in it. Don’t become a journalist, you won’t make enough money to support your horses. Don’t become an English major, you will never find a job that pays well if you do. Etc. Etc.

Because I have focused so much on those who I thought were right (older, wiser, braver, smarter, prettier) I haven’t focused on what I want to do in my life. This will be a journey through my past and my present, talking specifically about what I want to do, what I am doing to get there, and hopefully finding a way to inspire other people along the way.

A good friend of mine told me once, when I was first starting to blog, that most blogs aren’t worth reading because they are angry white men (or women) ranting about something in hopes that it will go viral. I laughed at the notion at the time, but now I realize my friend was a very wise man indeed as most blogs are about angry white people ranting about something in hopes that it will go viral. I don’t plan on doing that. If I do, please feel free to mock me mercilessly.

I  have two other blogs that I started but haven’t kept up on. I may or may not continue to keep those up. I was trying to blog anonymously but I’m really quite terrible at sneakiness and anonymity. So if you want to read through them, I will post them at the end of this. One has home improvement stuff and political rants, the other is about my pony (who my husband will tell you is my favorite child and I spoil him rotten). If you are reading this, you probably already know me. If you don’t already know me, you will if you keep following my blog! Ha! How’s that for a hook?

Anyway, that is what this blog is going to be about. There will be real life tragedies that I discuss, heart ache, politics, religion, family, home repairs, crafts, and other things that come up in life. I especially love Christmas, so I might talk about it…. a lot. I wonder if I can add “Jingle Bells” to play on here somehow….

Peace, Love, and Joy people.

-Jill B.

Pony Blog: smalllittlesmokey.blogspot.com

Political & Home Improvement Blog: http://respicionovus.blogspot.com/

Edit: OMG!!! I found another blog I started forever ago!!! Here it is and it is kinda amusing…. http://jilloablog.blogspot.com/

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