December 1st

I grew up setting up a Christmas Tree on December first every year. It was one of my most favorite days of the year. This year, my husband and I set it up on November 26th, and then discovered that we didn’t have enough lights for it to be decorated the way I wanted… So now I have all the lights on the tree and we will be decorating it tonight when my husband comes home from work. I’d snap a picture of the tree to show you right now, but I have an adorable doofus laying on my feet on the couch.


Adorable Doofus, Radar. This is very uncomfortable for me, but she’s happy and that’s what counts I suppose.

Anyway, back to traditions of December 1st. We would set up the Christmas tree. When I say “we” I mean my parents, my four siblings, myself, and whatever cat we had at the time. It was loud, as most of my siblings (myself included) like to hear themselves more than anything else. So we would talk loudly at each other. Most of the time there was no name calling, but once in a while an argument would break out. Usually it had to do with my older sister trying to tell one of us younger kids (or my oldest brother) where they were allowed to put their ornaments.

Each year, each person in my family would get a new ornament. We all had our own themes that we would stick to. I am a horse-nut and I love carousels, so I would look for carousel horses. There were a few years where I could not find any decent looking carousel horses and would either end up with the ugliest ornament you have ever seen (I’ve since thrown most of those away) or I would get some other ornament. Perhaps my favorite of the non-carousel horses is a tricycle in the shape of a horse. I kind of want a real one for myself… It’s ceramic but is made to look like it was carved out of wood. The horse is brown with a black mane and tail. The handle bars are black except where the “wood” for the grips are. The pedals are also wooden. It’s really quite cute. Again, if there wasn’t a dog currently on my feet, I’d take a picture and show you.

It snowed last night. It looks like we got about 2-3 inches. I love how snow looks, and I love having a good book and curling up with a heater and one of my cats and drinking a mug of hot cocoa. I hate driving in the stuff, but I love how it looks and how it makes all the ugliness pretty. I should be able to get some fairly decent pictures of my pony with his harness on today if I work up the courage to harness him up. Maybe you will get to meet my adorable little pony face today. For your sake, I hope you do!

Peace, Love, and Joy people!

Jill B.


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