America, where have all the Martyrs gone?

I am writing a post today about the Daily Prompt: Martyr. I have a book about Martyrs that I read when I was in Junior High or High School, and it moved me deeply. These people who were featured were willing to die terrible and painful deaths rather than say that they didn’t know God. They had conviction, grit, determination, passion, whatever you want to call it. They stood up for what they believed in, even if it wasn’t comfortable. Even if it meant they would be ostracized and even put to death.

Where has that passion gone? I don’t mean the ability to jump on the band wagon and loot and pillage and riot. I mean the passion that allows a person to peacefully know they are right and move forward with their lives? The climate in America right now is horrible, Democrats are abusing Republicans and Republicans are firing back at the Democrats. Approximately half the population does not feel like the rules of the government should apply to them, and the other half is gloating about the fact that the rules do. Yet eight years ago, the shoe was on the other foot and while I don’t remember there being riots because Obama took the White House, there were still people complaining and being racist and terrible about losing. There shouldn’t be any martyr’s for political beliefs in the USA. Yet because I am more centrist than right or left, I was attacked by both sides. Wasn’t America founded to stop that behavior? To give people a safe place to practice their religion and their political beliefs?

I come from a long line of martyrs. My ancestors were beheaded, hung, shot, etc. for their belief in God. We came to America to get away from being martyred. France, Switzerland, Ireland… they all chased us out for our beliefs. Well, actually Switzerland didn’t, they gave us a choice of join the Pope’s Army (we’re Protestant), die, or leave the country as quickly and quietly as possible. So we did have a choice that did not include beheading. Granted, this was back a few hundred years ago.

What gives another person the right to belittle and berate another for holding a different view (I don’t mean legally)? Millenials are under attack from Baby Boomers because they are perceived as being liberal and socialistic, whiny and pampered. But who made them that way? Generation X. Who raised Gen X? The Baby Boomers. So then we have Millenials calling the Baby Boomers and Gen. X’ers as intolerant, racist, and uneducated. There is so much hate and discontent and our country isn’t even 250 years old yet! There are buildings older than our country over in Great Britain. Maybe I just expect too much from people. We don’t have slavery anymore. We allow people of any religion into our country. We accept immigrants from other countries. Yes, we have more room to grow, but I fear our country isn’t going to be growing much if we can’t overcome the idea that there are other people who don’t agree with us and that it’s okay.

I’ll leave you with this thought, are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution? Are you a martyr by being persecuted in America looking for a way to resolve the issues you experience, or are you joining the mobs and martyring someone else?

Peace, Love, and Joy people.

Jill B.

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