Disasters and Blessings

I haven’t been posting much because I didn’t want to make anyone think that I’m a whiner. The truth is, I’ve been struggling a lot at work to figure out how to work with my boss, and I’ve come down with a different illness every two weeks since my Shingles dissipated. I’ve had colds, sinus infections, random chills and fevers and all sort of fun yucky things. To top it off, it’s been snowing more than I’ve seen it snow in over ten years and we don’t have a snow blower or really any snow removal equipment other than the snow shovel. So finding something to be positive about has been difficult.

In the past couple months I have seen the memories come up from both of my grandpa’s passing away. One passed in 2015 and one in January 2016. Admittedly, I did not have a great relationship with one of the two, but he was still my grandpa. The other I loved so, so much. He always sat with me and told me stories about breaking horses on the farm or talked about his planes in WWII. So instead of dragging others into my sadness, I have been trying to keep it quiet.

Next has been my worry over the new presidential administration. I know that Obama cause a lot of problems for my parents when he was elected and he set regulations into place that cost my dad his job. Globalization is a great concept, just like socialism, but it doesn’t work the way people think it does. If you cut jobs in one sector, that doesn’t necessarily mean more jobs will open up somewhere else. Nor does it mean that the person who lost their job has the ability to move to where the next job is located. Maybe with the new administration my dad will be able to come home and live with my mom again. But, since Trump signed a freeze on all federal hiring, I won’t hold my breath. I hope Trump does an amazing job at being the president and can re-unite the country, but I am pretty sure this whole ordeal is going to end in civil war or World War III.

Blaze has been limping on his hind right foot for over a week now. There is no swelling or heat in the leg so we have no idea where the pain is originating from. I took him to the vet on Wednesday last week to see if they could figure it out, and Blaze wouldn’t limp for them. So now, a week later, he’s moving even slower and will not go faster than a walk. The vet called yesterday to check up on him, as is their normal course of action, and I told them he was doing much worse. They want to bring him back in and give him nerve blocking in his hocks. I haven’t researched it yet, but I know when that was suggested for my brood mare, the vet said it would permanently block the nerves from having pain or no pain. The problem I have with that is it doesn’t treat the real problem, and it doesn’t allow for him to let me know if he is injured in the future. He’s only 16 and I don’t want to do that to him unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I was going to take him back to the vet today, but with this recent snow and wind my horse trailer got buried again. As our driveway was before this recent snow, I had a 2-3 foot drop out of our driveway and back into it to pull the trailer through. That obviously is very bad for horses and so I had to do a lot of maneuvering in order to get the trailer out with the horse in it, then in to unload the horse, then out without the horse, then back in again to be pointing the correct direction to safely get it out of the drive way.

The blessing in all of this has been our neighbor. I don’t know which neighbor it was yet, but I’ve called the only one I know and have asked them who it was. They used their tractor to dig out our entire driveway (except where the horse trailer was in the way) so we can now use our driveway again. I have been extremely stressed out not knowing how I was going to be able to take Blaze to the vet again since I couldn’t get to my trailer or pull in and out of the driveway. I can now safely transport my horse to the vet and back again.

This is our third winter in this house, and this is the third time someone has plowed out our driveway when I was the most worried and stressed about how I was going to be able to take care of the horses. It’s uncanny how they always do it when I’m about to have a break down. I am in awe of the way God takes care of us and how he uses people to bless each other. I guess that is what I am going to have to focus on while I’m worried about my friends tearing each other apart over politics and while I’m worried about how I’m going to get through the next day in a bad work situation. God is powerful and he knows how to use people to help others, even in bad situations.

So I leave you with this, if you feel like you should help someone out, please do so. You never know what their mental state is going to be, or how very much your one little act of kindness will mean to them. Instead of focusing on hate and discontent, try to focus on the positives of those around you, and I’ll try to as well.

Peace, Love, and Joy.

-Jill B.

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